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Welcome To Jenny's Catering School...

I am more than delighted that you have finally discovered Jenny’s School of Catering. The school is mounted on a quiet and a beautiful location of perfect calmness, peace and tranquility. Designed to discover the hidden knowledge and wisdom of all individuals both young and adults, our school invests knowledge in students worldwide.

Students are invited from every part of the country to learn the culinary skills necessary to enable each one to cook professionally. In response to the ever-increasing demand for culinary skills, Jenny`s School of Catering has developed a number of courses to aid the beginner, part-time student and the housewife.

International affairs now claim the attention of every individual to the culinary art. It is hygienic and healthy. The School teaches students about changes and knowledge of culinary skills to a new level.

Some students would like to cook for themselves, while others may prefer a career in the Travel and Hospitality industries. Jenny's Catering School therefore, offers a unique blend of hard work, discipline, cohesion in an effort to meet each student's needs. The school offers an environment of perfect peace and happiness allowing students to concentrate and to meticulously develop their skills in the culinary art. Our teachers are warm-hearted, experienced and are ever-ready to take a minute out of their time to listen to your problems regarding your schooling. With Jenny's, we go in for the best and have affiliations world wide. We look forward to serving your needs.