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Triangle within a Geoffrey Kofi Akuamoa

triangle within a circle

TRIANGLE WITHIN A CIRCLE - A Historical Novel about West Africa, Ghana and Africa in general.

Garriguesz, a poor sailor ,watches one afternoon in May 1436, the Minho and Douro Rivers dashing into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a rainy day, the sky is heavy with thunder and he is fed up. He shapes his mind for Africa and convinces his sons Figo and Raul to sail with him from the city of Porto, in Portugal, to explore the unknown waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

They drift away in their small ship, vanishing into the open ocean sailing toward Africa. On the Atlantic Ocean they experience firsthand many of the ocean’s deepest mysteries encountering mermaids, Insures Oxyrinchus, the oldest creatures on earth splashing the waters like bombs, many serpent-like creatures and those who are partly fish and partly plants, other creatures unknown to man and the trenches and ridges in the Atlantic Ocean.

Their journeys finally bring them to a peaceful, wealthy and exotic region of West Africa. They are the first Europeans ever to land on the coast of West Africa. They choose to stay amongst the beautiful and good-hearted people. Garriguesz and his sons experience the riches of life in Africa, and learn about the origins of the people and their migrations to other parts of the world, artefacts, colouring in the skin and hair, languages, lifestyles and are fascinated by their customs, festivals, flora and fauna.

They capture the brightness of the region and learn about the rise and fall of kingdoms, the decline of empires; mysticism, the supernatural, and suppression. Garriguesz descendents trace the region through the centuries, influx of Europeans in the region, building of forts as trading posts and the infamous slave trade. They experience how the region is colonized. They learn about export of cocoa over 50% of world’s supply as well as timber, gold and diamond exports to Europe. Thus, Garriguesz family traces activities in the region for many centuries, ending in 1950s, with the Independence of Ghana and the aftermath.