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Our Profile...

We believe that the purpose of eating is not only for enjoyment but also for the nourishment of the body and soul. For these reasons, our students learn about freshness of food, its lifeline and force. Throughout the curriculum, the importance of cooking foods that nourish and delight the senses are reinforced.

Our Basic Concept

Jenny’s Catering School aims to avoid spoilage and the potential for diseases. The School has the facilities, ingredients and practices that make a good palatable table. The main aim of the School is to promote and maintain standards of hygienic practices in food preparation. We teach students how to make their own delicious meals at home and how to select and store fresh foodstuffs. We believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness, thus students learn the culture of hygiene.

Jenny’s Catering School makes nutritional plans that focus on what is good or sensible thing to do for a balanced, healthy diet and to prevent excessive intake of unhealthy foods, leading to physical harm. Our overall goal is to facilitate a change in bad eating habits. In order to meet individual requirements, age, height, weight are, taken into consideration when planning a diet.

We offer practical knowledge in all courses with more than 60% of the time spent on practical classes. Teaching groups are, kept reasonably small to give each individual student the attention they deserve. We therefore, aim to provide the highest standards of training for our students and equip them with the skill set and knowledge to be the chefs of the future.

If you have time to spare or are in a position to visit us at the school, we would be delighted to meet you personally and show you around our beautiful buildings surrounded by melodious melody of whispering plants and impressive facilities so that you can see the School in action.